Savor Culinary Excellence in Kundapura's Finest Dining Experience

Delight Your Palate with Fresh Culinary Creations Crafted from Local Ingredients

Indulge your palate in an exquisite dining experience at UVA Manish Hotel, home to three exceptional restaurants and a sophisticated bar. Choose from a delightful array of culinary offerings, including a dedicated vegetarian restaurant, a non-vegetarian haven, and a stylish bar serving refreshing beverages. Our dining options showcase the best of Kundapura’s gastronomic delights, promising a feast for every taste. From the finest vegetarian dishes to delectable non-vegetarian specialties, our diverse menu caters to every palate. Elevate your dining experience in Kundapura at UVA Manish Hotel, where each bite is a celebration of flavors.

Sea Rock Restaurant

Sea Rock Family Restaurant and Bar is not just another dining establishment; it's a destination that promises an unforgettable culinary experience. Founded in 1985 in Bangalore, over the past 39 years, the restaurant has gained a loyal following known for its warm ambiance and exceptional cuisine. Responding to growing demand, Sea Rock Family Restaurant expanded to multiple branches in the surrounding region. Each branch maintains the same high standards of food and service that made the original location so beloved.

Lashika Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

Lashika is our pure vegetarian restaurant serving iconic delicacies of South Indian cuisine, catering to the needs of guests and tourists in the temple towns of Kundapur and Udupi. Enjoy the best local snacks, authentic breakfast options, and a variety of dishes, rich in both ingredients and nutrition. Experience course after course of pleasure in a captivating ambiance. Indulge in our Special South Indian and North Indian Thali for lunch and dinner, a symphony of flavors. For A la Carte options, Lashika Pure Veg Restaurant offers gourmet cuisines from North Indian Coastal Karnataka and a hint of Oriental Cuisine.

Sea Rock Rooftop Bar and Restaurant

Perfecting the art of Coastal cuisine, Sea Rock Family Restaurant and Bar presents an exotic world where you are treated to a blend of lights, space, symmetry, color, and movement on your platter. As one of the most sought-after restaurants for Specialty cuisine in Bangalore and Kundapura, patrons have the opportunity to experience the flavors of Sea Food through subtle seasonings, aromas, and textures. Additionally, you can savor the best of Chinese, Tandoor, and North Indian Cuisines. Take a bite of our signature Ghee Roasts and traditional fish curry or sink your teeth into the steaming tandoori Kebabs.